DataTrust Managed IT Packages & Pricing

We offer 3 package tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold

Trusted Network and IT Management Solutions

Our MSP offers a range of comprehensive packages to cater to diverse cybersecurity and IT needs. The "Essential" package provides essential features like EDR, Patch management, Cloud backup, device config backups, and firmware updates. For more extensive support, the "Advanced" package includes unlimited remote and onsite support, network security with next-generation firewalls, monitoring for outages and alerts, and email security. For the highest level of protection, our "Advanced Plus" package encompasses everything from the Essential and Advanced packages and extends to include features like password policies, data encryption, MDR, security training and awareness programs, security audits, vulnerability assessments, as well as incident response and recovery planning.

Business Coverage

Essential Advanced* Advanced Plus*
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Microsoft Patch Management
3rd Party Patch Management
Cloud Backup
Config Backups and Firmware updates
Unlimited Remote Support / Remediation
Maintenance Routines
Escalataion to Onsite Support & Remediation
Network Security
Device Monitoring and Alerts
Email Security
Password Management & Policies
Data Encryption
Security Training and Awareness Programs
Security Audits and Vulnerability Assessments
Incident Response and Recovery Planning
SLA and Hours of Operation Tailored to Customer Needs
*5 Endpoint Minimum SIGN UP SIGN UP SIGN UP

Computer Coverage

Bronze Silver Gold
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AV Defender antivirus
Microsoft Update Management
3rd Party Patch Management
Device monitoring based on custom thresholds
Unlimited Remote Support
Maintenance Routines
Onsite Support (if unsolvable remotely)
* All pricing is billed monthly per computer SIGN UP SIGN UP SIGN UP

Network Coverage

Bronze Silver Gold
Choose Your Plan
Config Backups and Firmware Updates
Remote Remediation
Onsite Remediation
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Next Business Day Same Day Within 4 Hours
Hours of Operation Mon-Fri, 8-5 Sat-Sun, 8-5 24/7 (Excluding Holidays)
Price is tailored to customer needs SIGN UP SIGN UP SIGN UP