Voice over Internet Protocol is the ideal office phone solution for businesses of any size

Compared to traditional telephones, VoIP systems offer low, stable monthly costs, unlimited calling, better audio quality, and amazing productivity. This includes voice and video conferencing, screen and whiteboard sharing, and CRM-boosting capabilities like enhanced voicemail and customizable call handling.

A VoIP system unifies all your devices — desk and mobile phones, laptops and tablets — into one system connected via the internet. DataTrust’s VoIP service provides all setup, monitoring, and support for your new, modern communication system. We will work with you to design a system that best meets your needs at an affordable price.


With DataTrust’s VoIP office phone systems, you can:

  • Greatly reduce your telephone bill
  • Unify all your devices in one communication system
  • Catch every call and hear every message, on any device
  • Easily hold tele- or videoconferences
  • Collaborate remotely with ease
  • Enhance your customer experience and satisfaction
  • Repurpose your existing phones or enjoy new multifunction sets


  • Harbor
  • Uniti
  • Admix Telcom