Cloud Services

Cloud Services

The best way to boost productivity, security, and ROI

Moving to the cloud means shifting common IT processes to online versions accessed through a web browser and/or remote connection. It removes the need to manage hardware and software on your premises, and it keeps your data backed up safely online. And it means you can run your business processes on any device with an internet connection, anywhere.

Cloud solutions now dominate the world of business IT, offering unmatched simplicity, speed, security, and cost-effectiveness. But they need to be implemented with clear planning that aligns with a business’s specific goals and needs. At DataTrust, we will work with you to clarify your options and ensure your cloud solution is the best possible fit.

With DataTrust’s Cloud Services, you can:

  • Shift some or all of your IT and communications to the cloud
  • Run your business without the worry of hardware and software maintenance
  • Store your business data out of reach of natural or human-made disasters
  • Always be on the newest, safest OS and application versions
  • Quickly scale your IT to meet changes in your workload, staffing, or finances