IT Support and Consulting

Reliable. Hassle-free. Cost-effective.

IT Support and Consulting

We apply our years of experience to help you find the best solutions or we’ll optimize your current systems.

PC Repair

Before you consider throwing away your broken PCs, tablets, or phones, let the technicians at DataTrust take a look! We offer a range of PC maintenance services that help you save big on new equipment purchase.

Cloud Services

We’ll guide you through all your cloud solution options and ensure a swift, seamless migration so you can simply sit back and enjoy the next level of speed and security at a lower cost.


We will set up, monitor, and support your new VoIP phone system that suits your needs, all for an affordable price.

Workflow Automation Solutions

Our specialists will take a good look at your business needs and tailor solutions such as data analysis tools, custom reporting, and more, to increase both the speed and efficiency of your workflow.


Whether it’s securing your data or defending your systems from malware, our all-encompassing suite of cybersecurity solutions has you protected on all fronts.

Wireless Network Design

Ensure your organization’s wireless network has the speed and bandwidth required to handle your ever-growing business with expert wireless internet solutions from DataTrust.

Structured Network Cabling

Our professional cabling services guarantee a future-proof network infrastructure that can easily integrate with a range of different protocols and is up to industrial-scale Internet of Things (IoT) networks.

Web Design

Your website is your digital handshake, so a poorly built website reflects badly on your business. DataTrust’s professional web design services deliver an impressive website that enhances your business’s digital presence.

Whatever your technology needs are, we can help you!

We know you didn’t go into business to focus on IT

DataTrust Technologies is a locally owned IT services firm based in Summerdale, Alabama. Founded in 2007, we offer a full range of technology and communication services to help our clients solve their IT performance issues, address their cybersecurity challenges, and leverage the exciting potential of the cloud. DataTrust is also a specialist in wireless network design, able to create complete installations of structured cabling, fiber, and wireless communications. We can help any small to medium-sized organization looking for reliable technology support.